Friday, July 25, 2008


side A

side B

I was sitting at banquette, with inmo and maybe patric and steve, at 4th and main a couple of years back, in the hey day of the locals, when that strange silver haired security guy walks up and incongruently says, "hey, does anyone want a real prison shank?".
we are like uhh? whats this cooky guy going on about now. then he proceeds to produce from his pocket this scabby little nasty street knife. I was a little slow on the uptake, normal, and inmo was thinking pretty quick. he grabs it and puts it in his pocket, just as I am realising what it is. damn! shit! fuck! i am thinking and inmo can see my desire. I must photograph that thing!
I literally had to pry that nasty grubby object of bad energy from inmo's hands after days of persuasion.
I know he was enjoying the torment I was going through. devellish little bastard, still love him though.